Precious truffle in Thessaloniki, Greece, is a group that operates around the market and trade of seasonal truffles, truffle dog training, assessments on farm suitability, plantations facilities and counseling - cultivation in already existing plantations (profitable or not), identification of underground fungi, assessment and mycorrhizal rate of settlement in the plant, root irrigation and ameliorative treatments for existing crops.


We collect the best quality truffles to serve the most demanding customers. The impeccable quality and careful treatment of the product promises to preserve the flavor and freshness of truffles even 30 days after collection.


We are very proud on the range of our customers, from renowned chefs to lovers of gourmet food. We serve your needs with quality products and fast shipping. For any information please contact us.


We are dedicated in both high level of care and packaging of our products. We guarantee an unforgettable culinary experience. We are close to the small independent distributors and truffle lovers from the first step to the last.


After creating a dynamic team, based on a different philosophy of partnerships and contributory benefit for all parties, based on the the Spanish philosophy (which led Spain to the top spot of world production) we invite you to dare something new, something different for the Greek data!



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Edgar Frisch -  Chief marketing officer


Tasos Papalias - hunting, buying and selling truffles, integrational training of truffle dogs in real habitats and with help of experienced dogs


M: +30 6947 517 757

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