History of Truffle


In each seminar for truffles, we begin with a historical overview of the appearance of the truffle species  in Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome but also throughout Europe and Asia.


The existence of underground ascomycetes of the genus Tuber in Greece is documented in ancient texts of Euripides (480-406 BC) where he states that the ancient Greeks and Romans were keen collectors of wild mushrooms and truffle. Even earlier, referring to earlier times and cultures, it is found that the kings of Mesopotamia and the Pharaoh of Egypt erstwhile long enjoyed the truffles which they considered unique flavor.


Historically considered that the "manna from heaven" in the Old Testament was in fact truffles of fungus Terfezia sp. developed even in the desert. The Bedouins today use the "desert truffles", as it usually called (desert truffles), both for food and for medicine for sore eyes (typical desert disease).


The truffle was already appreciated by the ancient times and the relationship between man and cooking continues today.


Truffle species and Tree species


The truffle species  shown in Greece,  each one has its own specificity, morphology and odor. We see up closely the seasonal species and analyze the areas and the seasons of everyone of them.


We continue with an extensive research onto the so-called trufffletrees and their correlation with the truffle. We learn to distinguish each species but also to know the areas that are most likely to grows each tree. At the time of hunting truffles, we can recognize most types of truffletrees as well as their importance to the cultivation of the truffle in the specific areas .


Also we analyze, as a very important criteria for finding truffles, the plants as soil indicators. After that, we have a very good mind whether the ground can display the mycelium of the truffle next to the appropriate trees.


Geology - Geomorphology Greece


The genus Tuber appears only in certain territories, with particular pH (measurement of acidity or alkalinity) and altitude. The seminar will show details for all three parameters but also ways to discover the appropriate  territories into the map of Greece, with the geological features of every area, the  altitude and the period of the year but also the “how to” in finding the specific sites of truffle growth.



The trade of fresh truffle or of processed products, but also the love for nature, are the main reasons that push someone to deal with the magical world of truffle. In this part of the seminar we will talk about acceptable and unacceptable qualities in truffle trading market, the identification of the fruitbodies, the procedure followed by the truffle until it reaches the customer dish on pricing depending on the season and the species, for the wonderful white precious truffle (Tuber magnatum), how to clean properly the fruitbodies, as also for manufacturing products.


It's one the most essential parts of the seminar.

Tasting - Cooking


What would be the truffle without eating? A small piece can transform even the most simple dish into a culinary delight!


In this part of the seminar, discover the uses of truffle on the cooking but also what types of truffles "tie" better with some foods. From Italian pasta, a risotto of mushrooms up to sampagion black truffle.


This seminar is for interested and qualified chef so as to acquire the appropriate knowledge required to always choose the truffles for their restaurant but also to have the first contact with how to use them in the global kitchen.

Dogs - Plantations


Two very important parts of our seminars are about dogs and installing truffle plantations.


Regarding to the truffle dogs, their necessity is more important than any other factor in truffle hunting, should be properly trained and this is a point that we raise in the seminar. Anyway, a truffle dog is not a tool but a partner in finding truffles.


Also talking about the breeds of truffle dogs and their characteristics, as well as the parameters for the breed selection. Each breed has some features that will come to us useful or not, depending on the experience we have or habitats that we will hunt truffles.


As for the growing place, for prospective truffle growers but also for those with a reflection of a future plantation, we analyze the following topics: The criterias for selecting the appropriate field, truffle but also forest species, the before cultivation caring, installation steps, cultivation, specialized work required in existing plantations, the analysis of the  installation cost and of course the amortization plan of such a move.


Cooperation Plan - Provided services


From the final issues of the seminar is the cooperation plan and our team services to interested hunters and prospective truffle ‘s growers .


Cooperation in the trade market with the owners of the plantations.


Prospective partners will be informed in mini seminars and other advisory groups for new techniques and everything about plantations, dogs and truffle’s habitats.


Directed truffle hunting


On directed hunting, define a region,  bury fruitbodies, focusing on areas of greatest interest.


Technical selection of appropriate trees for finding truffles, training and improvements in dog handling and hunting  for a non-beginner or beginner truffle hunter, soil study and visual analysis of the region.


The main concern is, at first, to get in touch the  person and the nature.

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