Commonly called "truffles" the Tuber genus classified as underground ascomycetes, living together with the roots of plants, particularly forest trees. This is a mycorrhizal symbiosis, where the fungal hyphae surrounds the radicles of the plant by forming a matrix (the Hartig), in exchange of water, nitrogen compounds, potassium, phosphorus, iron, minerals and carbohydrates


The quantitative and qualitative improvement of mycorrhiza in culture is achieved with root irrigation application techniques at appropriate times (depending on the type of truffle), and with quantitative assessment of the current situation of the roots.


The team of Precious Truffle are here to provide you with specialized services in the presence and in the quantification of your tree mycorrhizal (with tiny stereoscopic observation methods and PCR DNA analyzes) and improve the quantity and quality of tubers produced by applying special root irrigation solution to your selected trees.

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