The installation of a new truffle plantation, strictly follow the steps below the maximum outputs:


  • Autopsy (Precious Truffle Team).
  • Soil sampling - Soil analysis for the truffle.
  • Study of perimeter vegetation.
  • General analysis of the area (geoclimatic and mycological, for the presence of wild truffle species).
  • Field preparation to accept the new seedlings (prokalliergitikon care program).
  • Construction fencing.
  • Irrigation system.
  • Seedling planting  (planting pattern, planting connector and method mix of forest species and species of truffle).
  • Seedling protection measures.
  • Watering.

The initial selection of the installation site of a future plantation vaccinated with forest species, requires compliance with certain basic primary criteria.


A) Location

B) Perimeter vegetation and existing crops

C) Soil analysis

D) Exposure

E) Altitude

F) If possible (from records or testimonies) obtained an overview of the annual variation in temperature and rainfall.


Generally, the ideal climate and soil for the cultivation of truffles are:


Winter: air temperature overnight over -7 ° C and day between 8 ° C and 14 ° C.

Spring: alternating cold and warm periods.

Summer: warm with air temperatures from 17 ° C to 40 ° C, interrupted by storms, which occur mainly during the first half of August.

Autumn: not too wet.

Calcareous or calcareous soils with a high calcium content range and with a high pH, ​​good ventilation, good drainage and low nitrogen content.




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