Dog Training


Truffle hunting must be made only by trained dogs and female pigs. Suitable breeds for finding this product are various hunting breeds of dogs, especially those with a strong sense of recovery (retriever). Many collectors use mixed-breed dogs with very good results.


The dog training program for finding truffles in natural forests or plantations includes the following:


Acclimatizing the dog with the aromas of different kind of truffles (depending of the season of the training and the truffle types that exist)

Training program in finding buried truffles (we bury pieces of fresh truffles in the field, in the park and in the woods and the dogs finds them upon special vocal order) for assimilation and generalization of behavior.

Introduction of specific command (vocal and gesture) for the dog to start searching for truffles.

Delivery of the trained dog and a gift, a small study of the area that you hunt, for truffle availability.

The entire training is conducted only with positive reinforcement methods from a professional behaviourist - dog trainer, and without any form of violence


Training duration depends on the nature of the animal, breed, age and the extra requirements of the owner that varies from one to two months.


Correcting hunting behavior


Truffle hunting with specially trained dogs with different breeds, often presents difficulties in understanding between the hunter and the dog. Some of the key issues that some hunters are facing (from testimonies and facts) are that the dog is eating the truffles that it finds, destroys them, does not obey to commands or not work for long.


Issues like these, though they look very serious and intractable for someone with no educational experience, can easily be solved with positive training methods and rewards at the same time.


So, with scientific expertise and methods, we manage to substantially help the dog-hunter inseparable duo to achieve effective hunting, for longer periods and without nervousness and damage


The ideal hunting is the one that find the truffle-dog and the hunter, happy at the end of the day, even if it has not been found any kind of truffles.


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